More than 20 years of quality factory, established in 2004.

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13pc Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

25LB Powerful magnets

2PC Adjustable Angle Hole Drill

3pc Magnetic Tool Holder Set

4pc Magnetic Inspection Tool Set

4pc Mini Powerful magnets

50LB Magnetic Welding Holder

75LB Powerful magnets

ABS material Woodworking pencil sharpener

Adjustable Angle Hole Drill

Adjustable Magnetic Welding Holder

Adjustable straight hole drill

Aluminum alloy drill

Aluminum Alloy Hole Drill Jig Kit

Aluminum alloy inclined hole positioner

Aluminum alloy inclined hole positioner set

Aluminum alloy material- V-groove

Aluminum alloy material-Red steel paper pad

Aluminum alloy material-Rubber pad

Aluminum alloy material-Wool mat

Aluminum alloy round pin drilling positioner

Aluminum alloy vise protector

Aluminum alloy vise protector- N-type

Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

Carpenter's pencil sharpener

Carpenter's scribing pencil

Collapsible Magnetic Parts Tray

Corner device

Corner screwdriver

Doweling Jig Kit

Drill gun bracket drill fixture

Elastic magnetic wrist strap

Electric accessories saw blade

Fixture for aluminum hole positioner

Inclined wooden pin

Inspection hammer

Iron ferrite magnet

Iron grinding tool

Iron Magnetic Tool Holder

Iron retractable guide rod

Iron self tapping screw

Iron telescopic gripper

Laser Projects a1/8”

Long-reach Magnetic Pick-up Tool with Quick Release


Magnetic buckle

Magnetic Hook Set

Magnetic Inspection Tool Set

Magnetic Pick-up Tool with Quick Release

Magnetic safety tools

Nylon drill

Nylon drill set

Nylon multi-purpose punch

Nylon multi-purpose woodworking punch

Nylon round pin drill

Nylon round pin drill set

Nylon round pin drill set Blue pp box

Nylon round pin positioning drill

Nylon wood stopper

PE new material

Portable Pocket Hole Jip Kit

PP material safety push rod

PP new material safety push plate

Prism Aluminum Faces

PVC transparent new material

Reciprocating Saw Attachment

Safety Push Handle


stainless steel telescopic

Tarp Repair Kit

Telescopic inspection mirror

The Guide Pole-2

Universal Clamp Kits Set

Wood sharpener wood pencil set

wooden mallet

Woodworker's Safety

Woodworking jig

Woodworking pencil sharpener

Woodworking safety tools

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20 Years Experience Factory
Jinhua Eagle King Tool Factory was founded on March 4, 2004, and is a manufacturing enterprise that has been nearly 20 years.

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